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Seth Meyers looks at pros and cons of Colorado’s possible single-payer Obamacare replacement

"Colorado doesn't care what the rest of the country thinks. Next they're going to change the state bird to the middle finger."

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On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Colorado’s proposal of a single-payer healthcare system. While Donald Trump rails against ObamaCare, Bernie Sanders has consistently called for a single-payer system, meaning the government would control all healthcare, which is what many European countries have established. However, many Democrats, including Hillary Clinton have questioned whether it would work in America.

Colorado may get the opportunity to be exhibit one. Amendment 69, which residents will vote on in November, would establish a single-payer system across the state. As Meyers points out in the clip, “The state that was one of the first to legalize weed in the U.S. could now also become the first to pass single-payer health care. Colorado doesn’t care what the rest of the country thinks. Next they’re going to change the state bird to the middle finger.”

After making a few 69 jokes, Meyers looks at the pros and cons. The pros of replacing the current system are that the current system is corrupt, unfair, and overly expensive. “The French spend less on health care than us, and they use cigarettes as pacifiers,” he says.

The cons include the cost of implementing the system for a single state, and, of course, the backlash from the health care industry. The Koch bothers have been running ads in Colorado to dissuade voters from approving the amendment, but Meyers can’t get over how often they say “Amendment 69.”

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