Colbert can’t believe Ted Cruz named Carly Fiorina as his running mate for a race he’s already lost

Fiorina colbert late show

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On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert mocked Ted Cruz for choosing Carly Fiorina as his running mate despite the fact that he has not won the Republican nomination, nor is he expected to be chosen in a contested convention.

“That is bold,” Colbert says. “After Tuesday’s huge wins by Clinton and Trump, Bernie Sanders saw the writing on the wall and laid off hundreds of staffers. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz saw the writing and covered it up with a ‘hang in there, baby’ poster.”

“Ted Cruz has some serious huevos rancheros to announce a Vice President at this stage,” Colbert continues. “And Fiorina was clearly honored to accept this important job that will never exist.”

But of course Colbert doesn’t just mock Ted Cruz. He has some words for Fiorina, too, who used her speech at Cruz’s rally to sing a creepy song to Cruz’s kids. “It’s like Disney gave the wicked stepmother her own song.”

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