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James Corden mocks Ted Cruz for pulling Carly Fiorina onto his doomed campaign

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James Corden mocked Ted Cruz for choosing Carly Fiorina as his potential Vice President on Thursday’s Late Late Show. “Ted Cruz, the man mathematically eliminated from becoming president picked his Vice President,” says a confused Corden.

Cruz lost five states to Donald Trump in Tuesday’s primary elections in the Northeast, so he now has no path to the White House, but for some reason he has brought along a running mate to share the loss.

“Carly Fiorina, what a trailblazer,” says Corden. “The first woman ever to lose the Republican nomination twice in three months.”

Ted Cruz “is now like a six year old pretending to be president,” Corden points out, suggesting that we are “one month away from Cruz holding his own Republican National Convention at a Hooters in Texas.”

Perhaps the weirdest part of this, though, was when Carly Fiorina sang a creepy song to Cruz’s daughters about spending time with them on the campaign trail.

Corden can’t believe it. “First Beyoncé releases ‘Lemonade,’ and now this? It’s a historic week for music.”

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