Amy Schumer is selling guns to everyone! But wait, there’s more! More guns!

"The government could be coming for your guns soon, like they never have, but always might!"

[comedycentral id=”53e9795a-5831-4ba2-ac52-e0ba083a9460″]

Amy Schumer opened Inside Amy Schumer Thursday with a great deal on guns in this home shopping sketch. Amy Schumer began to lend her voice to the fight for gun control last year after a man shot and killed two women in a screening of her film Trainwreck. This sketch satirizes many of the issues she helped her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, call attention to after the shooting, like background checks and gun show loopholes.

In the sketch, Schumer and an excited co-host offer a handgun for $39.95 to anyone who picks up a phone and orders. One caller is afraid his prior felonies will disqualify him from buying, but Schumer assures him, “You can absolutely get a gun if you have several felonies, as long as you buy it on the Internet or at a gun show.”

Later, Schumer gets a call from a suspected terrorist on the no-fly list, who she tells, “No one can tell you you don’t have the right to buy a gun in this country you’re trying to destroy!”

When a “Mass Shooting” alert flashes on the screen, Schumer urges customers to buy now! “The government could be coming for your guns soon, like they never have, but always might!”

At the end of the sketch, names of congressmen who have received money from gun lobbies appear at the bottom of the screen as Schumer promises, when they return back from commercial, “we’ll be selling United States congressmen and senators whose influence can be purchased for much cheaper than you think.”

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