Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump for playing the “man card” against Hillary Clinton

man card stephen colbert

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Stephen Colbert recapped Tuesday’s primary results on Wednesday’s Late Show as Donald Trump five states and attacked his presumptive opponent, Hillary Clinton. The primaries Tuesday saw voting in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland and Connecticut, “in what some are calling Super Tuesday 4, and what we’ll eventually call ‘Day One, Year Zero of the before Trump times.'”

Trump’s powerful showing in those races gave him a sure path to the nomination, so he moved on to attacking Hillary Clinton, who he will almost surely face in the general election. His main critique is that Clinton is “playing the woman card” to get pity votes, but as Colbert points out, “Donald can say all of this because he is playing the man card.” Pulling a card from his pocket, Stephen explains, “All of us guys get one of these. They are great. They get you paid more, you can explain things to women about women and, as a white man, mine’s also a get out of jail free card.”

To prove Trump can get away with anything, Colbert rolls a clip of Trump calling into MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and complaining that he had to wake up early to call in. “Donald Trump just showed us how he would sound as president when he gets that 3:00 a.m. phone call,” joked Colbert, who then imitated Trump. “‘What? a bomb? Build a wall around it and make the terrorists pay for it — I have to pee.'”

Watch the clip for more.

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