Carly Fiorina is back in the race with Ted Cruz and Larry Wilmore can’t handle it

Fiorina larry wilmore

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Larry Wilmore looked back at Carly Fiorina’s creepiest moments on Wednesday’s Nightly Show after Ted Cruz announced she would be his running mate if he won the nomination. Trump swept five states in Tuesday’s primary elections in the Northeast, which means he has all but secured the nomination, “But Ted Cruz still delusionally thinks he has a chance,” says Wilmore.

On Wednesday, Cruz let the press know he would make a “special announcement,” which turned out to be that Carly Fiorina would be joining him on the campaign trail. “You picked a running mate?” Wilmore asks. “You’re not the nominee!”

Though Wilmore admits, “At least Carly Fiorina is a serious policy person. She can balance out Ted Cruz’s creepiness.” But first Wilmore shows Fiorina clips evincing some creepiness of her own, like when she sang to Cruz’s daughter in a quiet auditorium.

“How hard is it to be f—ing normal?” Wilmore says. “Look, Carly, say anything you want … whatever you want to do, just don’t sing like a creepy young girl from a horror movie, O.K.?”

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