Seth speculates on possible Vice President choices, but he won’t call it the veepstakes!

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Seth Meyers took his usual “Closer Look” at the presidential race on Tuseday’s Late Night, this time focusing on potential VP choices. Now that Trump and Clinton are the clear frontrunners, the media has “moved on to one of its favorite parlor games: speculating wildly about who they’ll chose as their running mates,” Seth says, but he doesn’t like the terminology.

“Stop trying to make ‘veepstakes’ a thing. No one outside the media ever calls it ‘the veepstakes.’ Nothing is worse than when the news tries to get you to use news slang, like ‘wintry mix,’ or ‘Marcomentum,’ or, in CNN’s case, ‘Breaking News.'”

Either way, Seth has to speculate on the veepstakes, too, because even the candidate with no chance is thinking about his VP. “John Kasich picking a running mate is like Vin Diesel practicing his Oscars acceptance speech.”

In the case of the real frontrunners, though, many candidates choose an opposite to offset their faults, but “who or what is the opposite of Donald Trump?” Meyers asks. “Is it a Mexican guy who tears down walls with his giant hands? Or wait, no I know, Trump’s opposite would be a homeless guy married to an older, ugly woman.”

There is speculation that Hillary may choose Elizabeth Warren, but “You could never have two people of the same gender in the White House — except for the last 44 times.”

Watch the clip to see what else Seth has to say on the Veep issue.


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