Cartoon Donald Trump says his campaign is all an act, reveals his next outrageous form

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Cartoon Trump returned to The Late Show Tuesday to reveal to Stephen Colbert that he has been pulling the “long con” on GOP supporters. As Colbert sets up the bit in the clip above, he says, “A lot of Republicans fear the very thing that’s made him so popular in the primaries will doom Trump and the entire Republican party in the general election.”

However, “Trump aide and future Joe Pesci character Paul Manafort recently told a closed-door meeting of worried Republican leaders that Trump’s outrageous public persona is ‘all an act.'”

“Who’s the real Donald Trump?” Stephen asks. “Is he a cartoonish egomaniac…or an entirely different kind of maniac?” Enter Cartoon Trump, who this time reveals the truth to Stephen as he drops his accent to say, “Come on, now, old bean – you didn’t seriously think I believe what I was saying during this campaign?” he asks. “If so, you’re even crazier than I’ve been pretending to be.”

He lets Stephen know it’s all been a “charade, a bit of razzle-dazzle for the peasants in the cheap seats,” adding, “I’m the greatest character actor of all-time. Meryl Streep can kiss my ass!” To prove it, he transforms into his most outrageous form yet. Watch the clip to see.


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