Sikhs are not Muslims, but can ‘The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj convince them to defy Islamophobes?

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Sikhs are not Muslims, but that’s not the point they want to make as The Daily Show‘s Hasan Minhaj sits down with a group of Sikhs and Sikh-American actor Waris Ahluwalia.

Islamophobia has run rampant in America since 9/11, and it has reared its xenophobic head anew over the last year as Republican presidential candidates have called for the removal or surveillance of Muslims. One group of people who have been wrongfully included in this xenophobia (as if Muslims are rightfully included) have been Sikhs, who practice a religion completely separate from Islam, but are thrown into the mix by Islamophobes who think turbans and beards automatically scream terrorist.

To clear things up, Minhaj gives some pointers to his Sikh guests on how to distance themselves from Muslims. “Here’s all Americans care about other religions,” says Minhaj, who is Muslim. “Number one: Do you drink beer? Number two: Do you eat pork? Number three: Will you blow s— up?” Ahluwalia’s answer surprises him. “I eat pork. I love bacon.” However, Ahluwalia and the other group of Sikhs Minhaj interviews in the clip are not so concerned about distancing themselves from Muslims.

“Why don’t you just go, ‘Hey, I’m not Muslim’?” Minhaj asks. “It’s just not an option for us to throw another community under the bus,” says one Sikh man. “Even if it means things are harder for us, we believe it’s the right thing to do.”

Watch the clip to see Minhaj give them ideas on how to distance themselves anyway.


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