Seth Meyers looks at evidence Trump is faking his rhetoric to pander to conservatives

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Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at changes in Donald Trump’s campaign strategy, as he hired lobbyist Paul Manafort to make him look more presidential.

“Manafort was brought into the campaign in part to help Trump run a more traditional operation,” Meyers says, “and also to ensure GOP officials that Trump, despite his public rhetoric, isn’t going to war with the party.”

Just last week, though, leaked audio of a meeting between Manafort and the RNC apparently reveal Manafort saying Trump is “playing a part” in order to get votes.

“The Bible, Evangelicals, Tea Party, the South and NASCAR,” Meyers lists. “His campaign strategy is basically a game of Republican Mad Libs.”

Watch the clip to see what else Seth has to say on the issue.


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