Larry Wilmore blasts Michigan Gov. Snyder for breaking 30-day Flint water challenge to take Euro trip

[comedycentral id=”39481399-7d01-4622-83c3-bd765bfdaa16″]

Larry Wilmore continues to follow the Flint, Michigan water crisis on The Nightly Show now that most other news sources have moved on. His most recent report regards Gov. Rick Snyder, who handled the water crisis horribly, then tried to make up for it by pledging to drink Flint’s water for 30 days straight. Well, he only got five days in before taking a European vacation.

“What? He couldn’t take that filthy water through customs?” Wilmore says in the clip. “I hope the TSA made him chug it before he went through security.”

“So Snyder only made it five days into a 30-day challenge,” he continues. “This is how much of an idiot this guy is — he f—ed up drinking a glass of water.”

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