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Trevor Noah critiques paranoid Bernie, rips the media for rose-colored Trump coverage

"He wasn't racist, and he didn't call any female reporters a bimbo. This guy's ready for the White House, give him the codes!"

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Trevor Noah recapped the New York primary on Wednesday’s Daily Show, analyzing the speeches and entrance music of the winners and losers. Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton, and in his speech at the end of the night, he blamed a rigged system, but Trevor wasn’t having it. “You know what many people love about Bernie Sanders?” Noah asks in this first clip. “His blunt honesty. Yeah, he speaks his mind. Although, you have to admit, sometimes he comes off a little paranoid. In moments, he sounds like a senior citizen who doesn’t trust his Jamaican nurse.”

Trevor points out that the system may suck, but everyone is subjected to the same rules, and Hillary played those rules to her advantage. As a result, she paired her victory with Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” and nodded her head with “the swag of a producer who just created her next hit.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump chose “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra, and in the second clip above, Noah points out, “What a fitting song because that will be the anthem of most people when Trump’s elected president.” Noah sings, “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…”

But the real takeaway from Trump’s victory lap was the media’s coverage of his speech, which, because it was more tame than normal, made Trump seem dignified to pundits. “He was succinct, disciplined, and respectful, which, according to the media, made him presidential as balls.” Trevor shows a couple clips, then comes back to continue, “And he wasn’t racist. And he didn’t call any female reporters a bimbo. This guy’s ready for the White House, give him the codes!”

See Stephen Colbert’s recap here.

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