Full Frontal Television

Devout Hillary supporter Samantha Bee is almost swayed by optimistic Bernie fans, almost

"One thing I do know—I respect these people's unshakable willingness to dream big."

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/7PgtduZpNq4″%5D

Samantha Bee sat down with a group of Bernie Sanders supporters on Monday’s Full Frontal, and even she, a devout Hillary supporter, couldn’t deny their optimism. “You know, it’s easy for dried-up old crones like me to dismiss Bernie fans as naive kids who believe in wizards and unicorns — sometimes too easy,” Bee says in the clip. “But I wanted to hear from actual Sanders supporters themselves.”

She found an “impossibly diverse panel” of Sanders devotees and sat down to pick their brains about their seemingly impossible positive attitudes. “I’m not here to bash Bernie. I’m just here to understand your optimism, and stick my fingers in it, and just roll it around in my hands and restore myself to the person I used to be.” One supporters says, “If you’re feeling bad, we can all give you a hug,” because of course he did.

Bee insists that Bernie will have the same problems Obama did, but his supporters don’t buy it. “So are you literally saying to me right now that the difference between Obama and Bernie Sanders is that the people of America are going to continue to be motivated within the political process, and they’re going to keep putting pressure on our elected leaders to make change?” Bee asks. “Have you met people?”

Even Bee starts to fantasize about a magical unicorn land where people continue to care about politics, but it only lasts so long. However, she can’t knock them. “One thing I do know: I respect these people’s unshakable willingness to dream big.”

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