Stephen Colbert researches the historical precedent of Bernie Sanders’ “do do”

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Stephen Colbert had a little fun with bathroom humor as he reviewed last week’s Democratic debate in New York. During the debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were asked about a wide range of issues, but “the subject that really stood out to me was when Bernie Sanders talked about his ideas on energy policy,” says Stephen before rolling a clip of Sanders taking about “what you do do” about nuclear power.

Stephen sums up Sanders’ argument, before saying, “Also, I’d like to point out—You said doo-doo.” However, Stephen also points out that the phrase is very presidential, as JFK once said, “Ask not what your country can do-do for you, ask what you can do-do for your country.”

He goes on to discuss the other candidates, including John Kasich and his untimely discussion of Jesus among a crowd of Orthodox Jews, but Stephen comes back to the doo-doo when he sends a camera crew into the streets of New York to ask locals what New York smells like.


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