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Seth Meyers looks at “great manager” Donald Trump’s incompetent approach to delegate recruitment

"There is no better example of how incompetent Trump might be as president than his own campaign."

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Seth Meyers took ‘A Closer Look’ at Donald Trump’s bungled candidacy on Wednesday’s Late Night. Trump has said time and again that he is a great manager who knows how to run things. Seth agrees, “Donald Trump knows how to run things — for example, casinos into the ground.” But despite Trump’s self-assurance, “there’s at least one thing Trump has proven he can’t run, and that’s his own delegate operation.”

Candidates have to recruit delegates to represent them in each state and Ted Cruz and the #NeverTrump group have destroyed Trump in delegate counts in states like Colorado and North Dakota. Trump has blamed this on a rigged system, but Seth insists “Trump has only himself to blame. His organization has proved incompetent when it comes to recruiting delegates, and he clearly lacks a basic understanding of the rules. Now, the rules are tricky, but Donald Trump, of all people, should be able to figure this out because, as he has said many times,” he has “a very good brain,” on of the best, apparently.

Yet, Trump continues to make poor decisions and undermine his own campaign, despite proclamations that he will win everything ever. “At the end of the day, there is no better example of how incompetent Trump might be as president than his own campaign,” says Seth. “His bungled delegate operation undercuts everything he’s ever said about his candidacy, because when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, he keeps losing.”

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