Trevor Noah has some advice for Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio about making racist jokes: Don’t do it

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Trevor Noah had some advice for Hillary Clinton and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio about making racist jokes on Tuesday’s Daily Show. Clinton and do Blasio performed a sketch at a dinner Saturday in which Clinton scolded the mayor for waiting so long to endorse her. His response was that he was running on “CP Time,” which refers to “Colored People’s Time,” a term that implies African American’s are always late. When a Hamilton-attired man on stage said he didn’t like jokes like that, Clinton clarified he meant “Cautious politician time,” making everyone go, “Ooohhh,” but also, “Nooooo.”

“Why would you do this, Hillary? This should be so easy. Just don’t say the things that will lose you the votes,” says Trevor, especially since this came just days after Bill Clinton argued with Black Lives Matter protesters as they accused his 1994 crime bill of driving mass incarceration. So, for Hillary to be making black jokes, “That’s like if the governor of Michigan was going around Flint telling water jokes,” says Noah.

Trevor does explain that Clinton and de Blasio are surely not racist, but “Race jokes are kind of like orcas. Powerful and entertaining, but you put them on display in the wrong environment, and people are going to get hurt, and the joke might die.” Or the campaign.

Trevor brings on Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper to discuss more about race based humor.

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