Funny or Die ridicules Tennessee’s anti-LGBT bills with latest tourism ad parody

Funny or Die has created a tourism ad parody to mock Tennessee following two bills advanced through the state house that would allow counselors to deny mental health services based on religious objections, and force students to use bathrooms based on the gender on their birth certificate.

These are a few of many anti-LGBT and “religious freedom” bills sweeping the south, and as a response, Funny or Die has created a number of tourism ads, previously for North Carolina and Mississippi (see videos below), and now Tennessee. The ads portray these states as beautiful safe havens away from homosexuals, telling a man he can ride a horse “without worrying a gay guy is looking at your butt.”

Mimicking typical tourism videos that show images of country sides, attractions, and fun events, these ads pair those images with voiceover expressing the wonders of an anti-LGBT vacation.

“Tiptoe across humanity to relive a time when people were unequal, and sing a sad country song about your gay friends being refused counseling services,” the voiceover urges. “You can enjoy live music, if we can convince anyone to perform here. Gaze at the beautiful rolling hills where the fog is as thick as our ignorance, and laugh at an effeminate child!”

Watch the ads for North Carolina and Mississippi below.


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