Sam Bee’s impossible quest to buy NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” costume leads to easy purchase of firearms

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Samantha Bee bought a lot of guns in her quest to satirize the NRA on Monday’s Full Frontal. The NRA has a mascot named Eddie Eagle who attends gun shows and events to be a gun safety ambassador to kids. After learning about Eddie, Samantha Bee knew she had to have the costume. “Oh, the disgusting satire I could perpetrate with this costume,” she says in the clip. “But it turned out the organization that makes it easier to get a gun than Sudafed makes it nearly impossible to acquire their giant dancing eagle.”

A determined Bee actually looked into the process of acquiring the costume, and found it to be a thousand times more difficult than buying a gun. So, to prove her point, Bee had her staff purchase guns wherever they went looking for Eddie. Of course, that was much easier than purchasing an Eddie costume, a process which includes an 18-page application and a mandatory 20-day waiting period. “Who wants to wait 20 days to get something awesome?” Bee asks. “That’s not the America I know.”

Watch the clip to see her homemade eagle costume, which makes use of a few of the firearms she picked up along the way.


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