Trevor Noah calls Ted Cruz ‘the toilet plunger of the Republican Party’

plunger ted cruz trevor

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Trevor Noah took shots at the Republican Party’s default second choice candidate, Ted Cruz, on Thursday’s Daily Show. Following his victory over Donald Trump in Tuesday’s Wisconsin Republican primary, Cruz claimed his campaign is “uniting the Republican Party.”

“Uhhh, that’s not true,” says Trevor. “First of all, you’re not winning. You’re trying to catch up to Trump, who is winning. Second of all, you are not uniting the Republican Party. The Republican Party is uniting against Trump. You just happen to be the other guy! you’re basically the toilet plunger of the Republican Party. That’s what you are! That’s all you are, because no one wants to use a plunger, but you have to to get the turd out of the way.”

But now Ted Cruz is in New York City campaigning for the upcoming primary, and the people of NYC have not been so welcoming to him. When he went to the Bronx, people yelled, “This is an immigrant community,” “Get out of the Bronx,” and, “You’re not welcome here.” And the New York Daily News welcomed Cruz to the city by telling him to take the “F-U train,” which Trevor knows from experience is just “a New York welcome.”

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