Late Show Television

Colbert reports on Cruz’s road to the White House, which includes taking New York’s F-U train

"'Endorsement' means throwing up in your mouth a bit, right?"

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On Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert reported on the latest from the presidential election now that Republicans are campaigning in New York. Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump in Wisconsin last week, “but his Ted-mentum may be short-lived, because the campaign has moved to New York, where Cruz has gotten in trouble for criticizing ‘New York values.'” The New York Daily News welcomed Cruz to the city by telling him to take the “F-U train,” which is “a prominent line here in the city.”

Despite Cruz’s cold welcome in New York, “he’s still racking up endorsements right and further right.” On CNN this week, Rep. Jim Risch of Idaho had a very time saying that Cruz is his only option because he will not support Trump and Kasich is too far behind. Wolf Blitzer assumed he meant that as some form of endorsement, but a hesitating Risch could only say that it depends on what Blitzer means by endorsement. “Yeah, it depends on your definition,” says Colbert. “‘Endorsement’ means throwing up in your mouth a bit, right?” If that’s the case, we’ve all endorsed him.

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