Bernie Sanders insults big banks and Seth Meyers in “Ya Bernt!”

big banks bernie late night

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Seth Meyers’ “Ya Burnt” segment was destined to eventually have a Bernie Sanders cameo, and on Thursday’s Late Night, dreams came true. In the segment, Meyers has a list of topics that he insults, before yelling “Ya Burnt” to the charred remains of whatever he has humiliated. Of course, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has embraced the #FeelTheBern slogan, so it was only natural that he should host a new segment called “Ya Bernt.”

In the segment, Bernie takes on the 1 percent, asking, “What do you need all that money for? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to compensate for something.”

He goes on to ask, “How is it possible that most of you are paying a lower tax rate than your secretaries? That makes less sense than the plot of Batman v. Superman.” Watch the clip to see Bernie get some digs at the big banks and Seth Meyers’ hair.

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