Seth Meyers shows how voter ID laws disrupt elections (while Republicans slip up and rejoice)

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Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” on Wednesday’s Late Night at restrictions that are making it difficult for voters to cast their ballots. Discussing Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary, Seth made a few cheese jokes, “but in addition to cheese, Wisconsin is now known for something else: long lines,” Meyers points out in this clip, saying, “Voters in some precincts last night waited for hours to cast their ballot because of a restrictive new voter ID law that caused major delays.”

Reminding the audience that this is just the primary, Seth says “the November election could be much worse,” because voter ID laws could stop as many as 300,000 registered voters from voting in the state.

These voter ID laws, which Seth has looked at before, prevent fraud, according to the Republicans who pass them; however, there has never been any evidence that widespread voter fraud is occurring. Republicans have been accused of using the laws to win elections, “but it’s rare that Republicans slip up and actually admit that’s what’s going on,” says Meyers, before showing a clip of Rep. Glenn Grothman suggesting voter ID laws will help Republicans defeat Hillary Clinton.

Wisconsin is not the only state with these voter problems. North Carolina recently passed similar voter ID laws, and Arizona’s primary became a mess when the state shut down 70 percent of polling stations. Meyers warns that this kind of corruption could lead to a Florida 2000 situation, and, even worse, an “Al Gore sadness beard” for every candidate.


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