Colbert lists every government agency Donald Trump has probably already gotten rid of

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On Wednesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert ripped into Donald Trump for, well, everything he’s said, but one thing in particular. Colbert first announces the winner of Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Wisconsin and has to put on earphones to save his hearing from the thunderous applause when the audience hears the name Bernie Sanders.

The other winner did not garner so much fanfare. Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump. “It was a huge upset, because even if you voted for Ted Cruz you’re still pretty upset about it,” Colbert says “Of course, the even bigger news is that Donald Trump lost.”

Colbert says analysts have decided Trump is losing because of “things he’s said and done.” Stephen adds that it’s also because of things he hasn’t said, like the proper name of the EPA. Trump said in an interview that he would shut down the “Department of Environmental,” which he labels the “D.E.P.” The Late Show “looked it up, and the Department of Environmental does not exist. Meaning Trump is either talking out of his ass, or he’s already eliminated it.”

So, Colbert wonders what other agencies Trump has already eliminated, like the Department of the Inferior, The Environmental Erection Agency, and the U.S Mint Chocolate Chip.


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