‘The Daily Show’ reports on the way Sanders and Clinton are talking around their own feud

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Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper discussed the growing feud between Bernie and Hillary while no one was watching The Daily Show. Monday’s episode aired at the same time as the NCAA Championship on the East coast, so Klepper thought he could get away with revealing some startling news about Hillary.

First, Trevor reported on the state of the Democratic race, which has grown more tense every day. In the beginning, Bernie and Hillary were very friendly. “Bernie was treating Hillary like an organic farmer. Hillary was treating Bernie like a Goldman Sachs executive.” However, like with most long term relationships, they got on each other’s nerves. Recently, Bernie called Hillary a liar, and she called him desperate. “I don’t know if Hillary Clinton is the right person to call Bernie Sanders desperate,” Trevor thought, because nobody wants the presidency more than her.

In a sign of passive aggression, Sanders has spoken out about his decision not to go after Hillary for her FBI investigation or the Clinton Foundation money, while bringing up those very things. Trevor parodies his speech. “We’ve chosen not to bring up this email scandal, which anyone could Google. I’m not saying they should, but they would find out some crazy stuff that I would never say. Also Benghazi. ‘Google Benghazi’ is something that I would never say.”

Bernie has also accused Hillary of avoiding debates. Which isn’t technically true. She has offered to hold debates during the NCAA championship or on the Today Show at 7 am. But of course that wouldn’t work for Bernie. “His supporters are college students; they’re not gonna be sober by 7 am,” but also “that’s when Bernie’s having lunch.” Trevor goes to Jordan Klepper at Clinton Headquarters for more.

Watch Seth Meyers take ‘A Closer Look’ at the feud here.

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