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Cartoon Donald Trump gives Stephen Colbert a math lesson, refers to his big digits

"If Trump makes it to the general election, he will have the highest unfavorables of any major party nominee since the 1836 Whig candidate, Senator Gonorrhea T. Rickets."

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On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert once again met with Cartoon Donald Trump, this time to discuss his poll numbers in Wisconsin, and numbers in general. “This week, the tide seemed to turn against Trump,” as Trump began to see unfavorability numbers in Wisconsin drop as low as 70 percent. “That’s what they say about Trump: Love him or hate him, statistically you probably hate him,” says Stephen, before pointing out that Trump could have the worst unfavorability ratings “since the 1836 Whig candidate, Senator Gonorrhea T. Rickets.”

However, Donald Trump does not seem to understand what these ratings mean, so Colbert invites his Cartoon counterpart on the show to talk poll numbers and the concept of numbers, because Cartoon Trump seems to think writing numbers bigger makes those numbers bigger.

Trump also talks about other bigger things. When discussing how big the checkmarks will be on the ballots when people vote for him, Trump alludes to the size of something else. “Stephen, I guarantee I’ve never been accused of having a small font. Listen, seriously, there’s no problem in that department. Believe you me, it is Helvetica bold.”

You can also check out Cartoon Trump’s new Twitter account.

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