‘SNL’ rips into the GOP with sick rhymes and epic dance moves in ‘The Establishment Shuffle’

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/2t-_-dj7_Nw”%5D

Saturday Night Live posted a digital exclusive Tuesday evening that could be the best thing they’ve produced all year: The Establishment Shuffle. Taran Killam’s Paul Ryan introduces the video by acknowledging that Donald Trump has hijacked our Republican party. He brags about being antiestablishment. But what’s so bad about the establishment? We’re actually pretty cool guys.” And with a dorky rendition of a Jay-Z quote, Ryan requests that the audience “Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.”

Cue the 80s techno bop as a stage full of Republicans launch into a perfect parody of the 1985 Chicago Bears’ classic, “The Super Bowl Shuffle.” Complete with sunglasses and stiff dance steps, Mitch McConnell (Bobby Moynihan), John Boehner (Beck Bennett), Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), and more make the case for supporting the establishment.

Each politician gets his verse, between a chorus that goes, “We’re the establishment. Yes, we are. Republicans with a capital ‘R.’ / We are the OG GOP, and Trump’s got nothin’ on this party / If you think Muslims are the worst, come hang with us, we said that first! / So, everybody gather ’round, and watch the establishment boogie down!”

Watch the clip to hear the sick verses and see the sicker dance moves!


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