Seth Meyers looks at the growing feud between Bernie and Hillary over fossil fuel campaign funding

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Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the recent feud between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton over campaign funding from the fossil fuel industry. Last week the Sanders campaign accused Clinton of taking fossil fuel money, and a Greenpeace activist asked Clinton about the issue at a rally and an angered Clinton said she was “so sick” of the Sanders campaign lying about her.

Seth takes the opportunity to recall that Clinton’s most recent finger-pointing had been a dance move, which he compares to that of Elaine from Seinfeld. “That’s right, Hillary is the Elaine of the 2016 campaign,” says Seth, “which explains why she spends so much time arguing with a bald man from the outer boroughs who wears glasses.”

Some fact-checkers have shown the Sanders campaign exaggerated claims, while others show even more fossil fuel funds going to Clinton’s SuperPAC. Clinton feels sorry for the young people who believe everything without doing their own research. Seth’s research shows that Clinton tried Sanders’ strategy of calling out her opponent for fossil fuel donors against Obama in 2008. And as much as this feud between the too has gotten bitter, “2008 was much worse,” yet Hillary and Barack “became, like, best friends.” We’ll have to wait to see if Hillary and Bernie hug it out in the same way.


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