Seth Meyers detects hypocrisy in pro-life response to Trump’s extreme abortion punishment proposal

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On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took “A Closer Look” at Donald Trump’s recent comments on abortion, and the Republican response. Trump was all over the news Wednesday after he suggested that women should be punished for getting illegal abortions.

Chris Matthews pushed Trump to elaborate on the proposal, but since “Trump talks about issues in the vague way middle-schoolers give reports on books they haven’t read,” when Matthews asked seriously about the punishment, Trump, “who has clearly put zero thought into this issue, got himself into trouble,” says Meyers, showing the clip of a fumbling Trump.

The thing is, Trump went too far even for conservatives on this issue. “The idea that a woman should be punished for having an abortion is, of course, far outside the mainstream of public opinion, and the comment sparked an immediate backlash,” not only from pro-choice activists, but from anti-abortion critics.

“And while it’s right for anti-abortion advocates to criticize Trump, it’s also a little hypocritical, because in statehouses across the country, anti-abortion advocates are still looking for other, non-criminal ways to essentially punish women for having abortions,” like Utah’s law to require women seeking abortions to receive anesthesia, and Florida’s abortion clinic restrictions that would direct women to dentists and optometrists for reproductive care. “The only thing a dentist and a gynecologist have in common is they both say, ‘Open wide.'”


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