Stephen Colbert interviews a “less cartoonish” Donald Trump about his recent childish remarks

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On Wednesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert interviewed a “less cartoonish” Donald Trump about the frontrunner’s childish remarks. At a CNN town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper this week, Cooper accused Trump of arguing like a 5-year-old after Trump said Cruz “started it,” referring to images of their wives that made the rounds last week.

Before he brings out the cartoon in this clips, Stephen agrees, “Yeah, Trump acts like a 5-year-old, but that’s why people like him! He’s not complicated. If he’s angry, he shouts; if he’s happy, he wears happy hat. He loves building towers, and he thinks girls are kind of yucky.” Colbert also brings up the Lewandowski scandal, saying, “This is a shameful act that is sure to derail his campaign — and Trump is up 10 points in the polls.”

To get Trump’s take on the issues, Colbert says the show might have invited the real Donald Trump, “but he was busy being on every other channel on television. Plus, I think he’s turned into a cartoonish version of himself at this point, so instead, we invited a slightly less cartoonish version. Please welcome, Cartoon Donald Trump.” The animated version of the candidate comes on to make such arguments as “I know you are, but what am I?” and “I’m rubber; you’re glue. I have a lawyer, and I will sue.”


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