Seth Meyers blasts North Carolina and Georgia for recent anti-LGBTQ legislation

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Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at two bills targeting gay and transgender citizens that recently passed in the state legislatures of Georgia and North Carolina. Both led by Republican statesmen, the bills are alike in their goal, but different in their execution.

The Georgia bill, which has not yet been signed into law, is a “religious liberty” law that allowed any “faith-based” organization to fire people based on sexual orientation. But the law is incredibly broad about what qualifies an organization as “faith-based,” even allowing the KKK, as well as Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A to identify as such. “Although to be fair,” says Seth, “anywhere 15-year-olds are cooking your dinner, you’re operating on faith.”

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said he would veto the bill and urged Republicans not to use religion to discriminate. He also had pressure from the film industry after Disney, Marvel Studios, and AMC threatened to stop filming in Georgia if the bill became law. “That’s right,” says Seth, “if this bill had become law, The Walking Dead would have stopped filming in Georgia — which would have been terrible since The Walking Dead employs thousands of Georgians every week,” referring to the show’s many zombies.

Meanwhile, the North Carolina bill, which has been signed by Gov. Pat McCrory, prohibits LGBT nondiscrimination laws, killing any attempt to protect the right of transgender men and women to use the bathroom of their identified gender. See what Seth has to say about it in the clip above.


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