James Corden picks on Donald Trump for his recent childish remarks

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/asrztlx8AYY”%5D

On Wednesday’s Late Late Show, James Corden dissed Donald Trump for his recent childish remarks against Ted Cruz. The feud between the two Republican candidates has been heating up, and Corden says the battle between Trump and Cruz is turning into a real life Batman v. Superman, “because it’s taking too long, and it sucks.”

In CNN’s town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper this week, Cooper asked Trump about an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife that Trump retweeted last week. Trump’s excuse for the low blow was that he “didn’t start it,” which Cooper called the argument of a five-year-old. Corden first suggests Trump could have destroyed Cooper with a simple, “I know you are but what am I?” but then argues, “Trump isn’t a five year old. I mean sure, his hair is messy, he calls people names, he throws tantrums, and—Oh my god! Donald Trump is a five-year-old. he’s even got those tiny little baby hands.”

Elsewhere, Trump responded to his remarks on women by saying he didn’t know he would be running for office, which Corden points out is like sitting in an interview after being arrested for stealing furniture six times, and saying, “Yeah, but that was before I knew I wanted to work at Crate and Barrel.”


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