Trevor Noah criticizes “sanctimonious jackass” Ted Cruz’s response to Brussels terrorist attacks

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On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah addressed the American reaction to the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels. President Obama was in Cuba at the time of the attack and received criticism from Ted Cruz for going to a baseball game with Raul Castro, instead of flying to Brussels.

“Ted Cruz, first of all, you’re a sanctimonious jackass,” say Trevor. “Second of all, President Obama doesn’t need to go to Belgium for them to know that he’s an ally. It’s not like all the European presidents went to Belgium after the attacks and they’re within driving distance…And wouldn’t that be the last thing that the Prime Minister of Belgium needs: houseguests?”

Obama implicitly responded later to this criticism by saying, “It’s very important for us to not respond with fear.” As Trevor says, “Terrorists win when we allow them to disrupt our way of life.”

The real issue, as per usual with terrorist attacks, is that politicians are using it to advance their platform. So, Trevor has some criticism of his own for Cruz. “Why are you exploiting a terrorist attack in Brussels to tell a U.S. president how long he can visit Cuba?” Watch the clip to see more of Trevor criticism.

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