Trevor Noah plays matchmaker with the Republican party and its destiny, Donald Trump

republican party trevor noah

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Trevor Noah showed how Donald Trump and Republicans are actually perfect for each other on Wednesday’s Daily Show. After showing clip after clip of Republican insiders stating that Trump will ruin the Republican party, Trevor says, “Wow, that’s like new stepdad levels of hate.” But when Noah actually looks into how Trump came to be the frontrunner, the theme is pretty clear: the Republican party created Trump to be their perfect match.

“The more you look at it, the more it feels like Trump and the Republicans are in one of those romantic comedies,” Noah suggests, “where they still don’t realize that they’re the perfect match for each other.”

Trevor compares Trump’s platform to recent rhetoric of Republican insiders, and finds that they are saying the same thing: America is in decline, Washington needs an outsider and a businessman, Mexicans and political correctness are ruining this country.

“Why can’t the GOP see this?” Trevor asks. “I don’t understand. Even though Republicans think Trump’s all wrong for them, they’re a match made in heaven. They both think America’s crashing. They share a love of outsiders and businessmen. They can practically finish each other’s xenophobic sentences.”

So, Trevor sets the mood for a potential love fest. “Republicans, open your eyes. Donald Trump is the man of your dreams. You can deny it all you want, but you can’t mess with destiny,” says Noah. “My advice, Republicans: Get a convention room, take ahold of Trump’s tiny little hand, and then, when the time is right, put on some Fox News and chill.”

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