Seth Meyers calls out everyone from Kasich and Clinton to Anthony Weiner and a Trump bully for fake apologies

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In Wednesday’s Late Night segment “Sorry Not Sorry,” Seth Meyers focused on a timeless American tradition, the terrible apology, which is “saying you’re sorry without really apologizing.” These fake apologies come in many shapes and sizes, but Seth shows how politicians have mastered them all.

The “I’m sorry…But also you can kind of see how it wasn’t my fault, right?” was the chosen style of a white Trump supporter who physically attacked a young black woman at a rally. His public apology for the incident included the excuse that he was angry because he had gotten knocked down by protesters and lost his jacket.

Another example is the “I’m sorry…that you were offended,” which was perfected by John Kasich after commenting that women would come out of their kitchens to vote for him.

His apology included his claim that he’d be “more than happy to say I’m sorry if I offended somebody out there, but it wasn’t intended to be offensive.” Meyers points out that this wasn’t anywhere close to being a proper apology. “It’s like he’s on medication and one of the side effects is 1952 mouth.”

Seth did manage to find an instance of a sincere apology in America. He shows a video of a man convicted carrying a concealed weapon and unlawful imprisonment, who sings his apologies to his victims, the judge, and even his mother. “I can’t believe I’m about to say this,” says Meyers, “but we should all be more like this convicted felon.”


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