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Trevor Noah gives Obama props for his limp-handed approach to Cuban diplomacy

"Before this trip, people were worried that Raul Castro would use Obama's visit for propaganda. But Obama, you've gotta give him props, he just c—k-blocked the photo-op."

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On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah reported on President Obama’s recent trip to Cuba to meet with leader Raul Castro. It marks the first time that a sitting American president has gone to the country since Calvin Coolidge 88 years ago. And although embargos are being lifted, Obama’s trip showed that not all tensions are gone, especially since Cuba has a horrible human rights record.

During his press conference with Obama, Castro surprised everyone by fielding questions from American reporters, who asked him about human rights and political prisoners. And while he answered, he ended the press conference abruptly.

That wasn’t the most awkward part, though. Moments later, Castro tried to raise Obama’s hand as a show of solidarity, and Obama let his hand go completely limp, which was everything he could do to keep Republican criticism at bay. “Before this trip, people were worried that Raul Castro would use Obama’s visit for propaganda,” Noah says. “But Obama, you’ve gotta give him props, he just c*ck-blocked the photo-op.”

Noah then points to criticism from Cuban-Americans, especially GOP candidate Ted Cruz, who has made himself the spokesperson for Cuban dissent, saying Obama while “drinking mojitos at the embassy, the political prisoners who are languishing are left behind by this president.”

“It almost feels like Ted Cruz isn’t complaining about opening up Cuba,” Noah says, “as much as he’s complaining about a party he wasn’t invited to.” But Cruz doesn’t have to miss out on all the partying; Cuba’s boarders are now open to visitors, so Spring Break Cuba is about to get popping in the coming years. Cigars and mojitos for everyone!

Watch the clip below to see Desi Lydic talk about the Americanization of Cuba. And watch Seth Meyers’ take on the Cuban trip here.

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