Trevor Noah blames the media for promoting Donald Trump by trying to profit off of him

[comedycentral id=”960be699-9524-4959-92ac-aafc62505ce6″]

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah set out to answer the most enduring question about Donald Trump’s campaign: “How the f—k did we get here?” The answer turned out to be pretty straight forward. “Tonight we’re going to look at whether part of the responsibility for Donald Trump’s rise lies with the news media,” Noah says in the clip. “Now it’s a complicated issue, with a lot of—I’m just playing, the answer’s yes. Yes, the media is responsible.” Cue the examples.

CBS chief Les Moonves recently said, “This is going to be a very good year for us. Sorry, it is a terrible thing to say, but bring it on, Donald.” Meanwhile, CNN gets 40 times its usual ad placement rate during debates. And sometimes, the network just points its cameras on empty podiums waiting for Trump to enter a room, despite what other news may be going on in the world. “Are you shitting me? You keep the camera on the curtain in case they miss Donald Trump’s entrance?” Noah asks. “Trust me, no one has ever missed a Donald Trump entrance, ever.”

But really, what else could have been happening while that empty podium was on screen? “It’s not like the media turns its back on other perhaps more important news like the autopsy report of a young black woman who died in police custody,” Trevor insists, before showing footage of CNN cutting away from a Sandra Bland news conference in order to show a Trump speech. “Look, people, Sandra Bland will be dead forever, but Donald Trump only speaks into a microphone 23 times a day so we’re going to go to that now.”

Trevor concludes the segment with a nice metaphor about cancer. “The news media are supposed to keep the system healthy, but this year they are like a doctor who says, ‘I hate to see all these patients coming in with cancer, but I have to admit, it’s been really good for my practice. Oh and breaking news, here’s another cigarette.'”


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