Seth Meyers looks at the horrible outcome of Kansas’ tax cuts for the wealthy and small businesses

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Small business owners in Kansas are asking for their taxes to be raised after Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts almost bankrupted the state. In this clip from Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers takes ‘A Closer Look’ at what happened when the Republican governor cut taxes for the wealthy and completely eliminated taxes for small businesses in what Seth reminds us is exactly what Senate Republicans want to do on a national level.

When he proposed the tax cuts, Brownback called it a “real live experiment,” which Meyers says “a terrible sales pitch for something, Those words usually only show up in shady classified ads.” Either way, the experiment didn’t work. Estimated to generate a $323 million boost in revenue, the state actually suffered $688 million loss. In order to make up for the loss, the state actually started selling sex toys. Seth can’t keep from listing a string of jokes about that absurd fact. Despite electing Brownback to another term, residents are now complaining and business owners are even asking to be taxed.

“Republicans want to replicate these policies on a national level, but even when you buy couch cleaner they tell you to try it on a small patch of fabric first,” says Seth. “That’s what happened here — Kansas was the small patch of fabric. Not only did the cleaner not work, the couch exploded.”

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