Full Frontal Television

Samantha Bee reports on thousands of untested rape kits that are being disregarded, and even destroyed

"You're not auditioning for Hoarders: Rape Kit Edition."

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/UrxTrR5_8Zo”%5D

Samantha Bee has some vicious digs for the politicians and police officers who are disregarding, and in some cases destroying, thousands of rape kits, “a traumatizing, invasive medical procedure for collecting evidence and then collecting dust.” In this clip from Monday’s Full Frontal, Bee shows footage of media outlets from different parts of the nation reporting that thousands of kits in their state had gone untested for DNA evidence. She addresses Texas specifically, “You’re not auditioning for Hoarders: Rape Kit Edition.”

Last year, the Georgia Senate unanimously passed a bill called the Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims act, which would have required law enforcement officials to find, count, and test old rape kits. But Republican state senator Renee Unterman blocked the bill, citing a $2 million federal grant that would resolve the issue, and saying, “There’s no reason to write a law because it makes you feel good.”

Meanwhile in Idaho, Sheriff Craig Rowland, denied that most rapes were nonconsensual, stating, “Police often find it was not actually rape – things just went too far and someone got scared.” Bee’s head about explodes as she shouts, “That’s what rape is!”

Both Unterman and Rowland are currently run unopposed for reelection in November, and since “we don’t care about local politics,” they’ll probably remain in office. “Remember,” she insists, “Local elections are a lot like rape kits. No one really wants to pay attention to them but if you bother to open them up you might just get rid of someone who’s been screwing everyone in town.”

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