Larry Wilmore tries to understand a group of black Trump supporters

black supporters Trump larry wilmore

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A week after Samantha Bee did her best to keep her head from exploding as young, college-educated Trump supporters gave their arguments for why Trump should be president, Larry Wilmore tried to wrap his head around a group of black Trump supporters on Monday’s episode of The Nightly Show.

The arguments are different here from the Bee segment, but the sentiment is the same: there’s a “feel” about Trump that appeals to voters. “I’m open to Donald Trump because I feel like he’s a gangster,” says one of Larry’s guests. “He’s like, ‘If you come up to my mic, I’m taking you out. Coming from the hip hop community, I understand his language.”

Another says, “Everyone is trying to enslave you. But the main important thing is how much I’m gonna get paid while I’m enslaved.” Larry tries to understand, “So, you’re pro-slavery, but with pay?” He then has to take a survey of the room to see who else in this group is pro-slavery before he moves on to talk about Muslims.

Larry is surprised to find that one man in his group is Muslim. “You’re kidding me…And you’re gonna vote for Trump?!” he asks, before reminding the man what Trump thinks he can do to him. “If Trump came in here and he had to pick one person to waterboard, who do you think he would pick?” He gives him a hint: “Rhymes with Shmuslim.”

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