Colbert bids farewell to Marco Rubio from District Thirsty in the latest “Hungry for Power Games”

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Tributes continue to fall victim to the “Hungry for Power Games,” and on Thursday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert bid farewell to the promising tribute from District Thirsty, Marco Rubio. As Stephen assembles the remaining candidates in this clip, he says, “They’re like The Beatles, but there are six of them — and they’re all Ringo.” But now there are five, because after his poor showing in his own state of Florida on Tuesday, Rubio suspended his campaign, leaving only Trump, Cruz, and Kasich to fight it out on the Republican side.

“Tribute Marco leaves us after a string of triumphant third-place victories, but was blindsided by Tuesday’s shocking second-place defeat in Florida,” Colbert points out. “So for the record, Florida votes yes on Jimmy Buffett, yes on releasing pythons into toilets — on Marco Rubio, no thanks.”

It’s all going to change now, because Rubio was the only remaining establishment candidate. “He was supposed to become the Jeb Bush people liked. Instead, he became the Jeb Bush.” But of course, this has already been a crazy race and a brokered convention could bring any candidate back from the dead, so Colbert only gives a half-hearted farewell. “Goodbye, sweet Marco — unless you end up getting the nomination, because really, anything’s possible at this point.”


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