Trevor Noah chides media for Super Tuesday bias, pours one out for Rubio, and, as always, blasts Trump

[comedycentral id=”dce57726-bfb3-4a09-8733-42fde6495121″]

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah recapped the latest campaign news after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton came out big in this week’s Super Tuesday. Bernie Sanders has lost much of his momentum, and didn’t win a single state, but as Trevor points out, “that doesn’t excuse what happened [Tuesday] night on all the cable news networks—nobody showed Bernie’s speech. In fact, while Bernie Sanders was delivering his address, CNN, Fox and MSNBC chose instead to keep their camera’s locked on Trump’s empty podium.”

That’s right, “Trump hysteria is at a point where even his furniture gets new coverage,” Trevor says, adding, “At his next speech, Bernie should just come out dressed as Trump’s podium.”

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, Marco Rubio suspended his campaign after losing in every state, and John Kasich won Ohio, and celebrated so much confetti, Trevor has to ask, “Has John Kasich just been storing up confetti after every primary that he didn’t win?”

The big winner was, of course, Donald Trump, who’s victory speech, as cut together by The Daily Show, made little sense. But as Trevor points out, “Trump’s popularity has never been much about sense.” Trump is “tapping into voters’ frustration, which he’s not necessarily responsible for. Donald Trump didn’t invent racism. Trump didn’t invent Islamophobia. And he didn’t invent violence. All he did was put his name on them like he does with everything else.”


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