Jimmy Kimmel’s Donald Trump fanatic makes a pilgrimage to Trump’s Florida victory party

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/OC1VbclHRgQ”%5D

Jake Byrd loves Donald J. Trump more than anyone he meets. Jake Byrd is also a fake fanatic played by comedian Tony Barbieri on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and for Wednesday’s post-Super Tuesday show, Kimmel sent Byrd on a bus down to Florida to attend Trump’s most recent victory party.

Sporting a “Trump-shine State” shirt and a “DTF” hat (which stands for “Donald Trump Forever,” of course), Byrd makes his way to Florida “to go to a rally and punch protesters in their stupid mouths, just like the Donald told us to!” But when he gets to the rally, he finds out that it has been cancelled, so he goes to stump for Trump on the beach, but not before asking “You guys know a good place to eat and punch protesters around here?”

On the beach, he meets fellow Trump supporters and jumps in to reaffirm their views, like that “he’s got a giant ding dong,” and that there are “two ‘i’s in Hillary Clinton, two ‘i’s in ISIS.” Then, after sleeping in a dumpster, Byrd hands out Trump Steaks to voters and interrupts a few more interviews before finally making it to the Trump victory party. Watch the clip to see how excited he gets!

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