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Trevor Noah mocks Hillary Clinton for her recent string of gaffes in a new game show

"The correct answer was any other combination of words."

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Trevor Noah played a game with Hillary Clinton on Tuesday’s Daily Show in which he brought up a topic and Clinton scored zero points for her terrible responses. In the game, called “This Should Be Easy” the goal is to avoid upsetting voters that already like you. “Seems easy, because it is,” but the Democratic frontrunner has a few gaffes lately that have upset her base.

The first was when she suggested Nancy Reagan and her husband started the national dialogue on AIDS. “There are so many nice things she could have said about Nancy Reagan, but for some reason she brought up the worst thing,” Noah says. “Hillary, you need the LGBT community. They’re the people who started the discussion on AIDS. And because they’re active Democratic voters, they should be your natural ally.” As a result, Hillary received zero points, because “The correct answer was any other combination of words.”

Clinton also scored zero points for asking where Bernie Sanders was when she was fighting for healthcare in the ’90s, despite footage showing that he was standing right behind her. She also goofed by promising to close coal mines in order to promote renewable energy, which naturally angered a lot of coal miners. “At the end of the game, Hillary has scored zero points,” Noah concludes. “And yet she’s still moving on to the next round.”

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