Samantha Bee is so confused by these young, college-educated Trump supporters

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Many Americans are wondering just who Donald Trump’s supporters are, and where are they hiding when they’re not beating up protesters at Trump rallies. Samantha Bee sought to find out on Monday’s Full Frontal by inviting a group of young, multi-ethnic people Trump supporters to a party so she could get to know them better. But first, she had to sit down with them and pick their brains about their allegiance to the Republican frontrunner.

At first glance, these young people do not seem like the Trump supporter type, and even when they open their mouths, it’s hard to understand why they support him. The main reason seems to be his style. One eloquent “gay black man,” who Bee is surprised nobody had escorted out, says, “He’s got very sort of simplistic but evocative language that I think speaks to a lot of people at almost like a limbic or primal level.” Another claims it’s Trump’s ability to make jokes that makes him great.

They also took issue with media coverage, saying the way the liberal media portrays Trump is unfair, despite Bee’s insistence that Trump’s own words are not being spun. “Can you acknowledge that it is literally impossible as a member of the media to ignore a person when they say that they would punch a protester in the face?” she asks. One supporter argues, “It’s a context thing!” So, Bee shows the context, and sure enough, Trump said he’d like to punch a protester in the face.

On the issue of banning Muslims, they all shout, “Temporarily!” before one supporter claims, “The media is always saying how Donald Trump is talking about banning all Muslims.” Bee’s response is simple. “Well, he talks about it.”

More than anything, Bee is constantly confused by the supporters. When they finally get to the party, and Bee talks to them individually, she pushes the “gay black man” from earlier on Trump’s racism. While he equivocates on the issue, she can only say, “I’m so confused by you!” and walk away.


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