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James Corden endorses these jokes about Clinton and Trump’s recent endorsements

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On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, James Corden joked about the recent endorsements for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This Tuesday was “Super Tuesday…again” for American voters, which was the third Tuesday in a row with a large number of primary elections in specific states. “They’re even calling it Super Tuesday 3. And if we’ve learned anything from Hollywood franchises, today will be an expensive letdown.” During this part of their campaigns, candidates are fighting for endorsements, but they are also getting endorsements that they don’t necessarily want.

Hillary Clinton was endorsed by a California leader of the KKK, who said that he endorsed her because he believes she will do the exact opposite of what she says, and that she’s actually an undercover Hitler. Corden says, “Undercover Hitler sounds like the worst spinoff of ‘Undercover Boss’ ever,” and if there’s one word to describe Hitler, “undercover” is not it.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump secured an endorsement from Ben Carson. But it wasn’t a ringing endorsement. Carson said if Trump messes up everything, “that’s just four years.” That’s easy for him to say. “Four years is nothing to Ben Carson; that’s how long it takes him to say a complete sentence.” Watch the clip to see what Trump’s former Butler had to say about the Republican frontrunner.

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