Trevor Noah strikes hard at two-faced Trump for inciting violence while claiming to be ‘peace-loving’

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This is about the hardest Trevor Noah has ever ripped into Donald Trump. On Monday’s Daily Show, Noah went light on the jokes in order to get deadly serious about the violence and unrest at Trump’s rallies. He begins the segment by reminding us that we once wondered what a Trump presidency would look like. This weekend, we got a look in Chicago, “and it was scary.” The protest at Trump’s rally got so bad, Trump didn’t even appear and police had to separate his supporters from the protesters. “You knows it’s bad when people in Chicago are like, ‘Man, what a violent weekend,'” says Trevor, before getting serious for a moment to talk about something that didn’t sit well with him about the protest.

Many of the protesters were Bernie Sanders supporters, who called the protest a win for the Bernie campaign. Noah says it’s great to see young people so inspired that they’re getting involved, but “you have to be careful,” because Trump is telling his sympathizers that they’re under attack, “that the nefarious, politically correct, left, liberal force wants to silence them. So, if you come in and actually try to silence them, it’s like trying to put a fire out by actually putting wood onto it. You’ve given Trump the villain that up until now he was making up.”

After that interlude, Noah strikes back at Trump for deliberately engineering his rallies to result in violence by stirring up hatred for protesters and saying things like, “part of the problem is: nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” Noah would say “That’s civilization!” but that won’t translate to Trump supporters. “Donald Trump is saying he just wants his rallies to be like hockey games…Nobody knows the rules, and most of the fans are white, and fighting is definitely allowed.” Yet, Trump has described himself in interviews as a peace-loving thinker. It’s almost as if there were two Trumps

Noah’s theory has support from Ben Carson, an actual doctor of the brain, who said last week that there are two different Donald Trumps. Then Donald Trump agreed there are two Donald Trumps, and then the other Donald Trump didn’t agree that there are two Donald Trumps. Either way, Trevor Noah has an idea of what the two Trumps can do to themselves.

See also what Seth Meyers had to say about the violent rallies.

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