Seth Meyers ridicules Trump for violence at his rallies, comes up with a plan to tear down Trump’s ego

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On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took ‘A Closer Look’ at the violence at Donald Trump’s recent rallies in Fayetteville and Chicago, and came up with a plan to mock him. In last week’s rally in Fayetteville, an old man sucker punched a non-violent black protester, “and the next time you doubt being black in America might have some downsides, notice that after the sucker punch, police tackled the guy who got punched,” probably because he “head-butted that old man’s elbow.” Then, in Chicago, there were so many protesters, Trump shut down the rally due to security concerns.

Trump went on the news to say, “We can’t have a rally in a major city?” Seth humors him. “That’s right, you can’t have a rally in a major city. Which is why, that same night, at a rally with thousands of people just 12 miles away, Bernie Sanders faced a similarly ugly scene,” he says, before showing a clip of Bernie supporters singing “This Land is Your Land” like they’re in one big drum circle.

Trump then went on the news again to claim he doesn’t condone violence. Again, Seth elaborates. “Trump claims he doesn’t condone violence, which is true if you exclude all the times he explicitly condoned violence,” he says, before showing clips of Trump calling for violence against the protesters at his rallies.

Seth admits the real problem with this violence, though, is that a recent poll showed that supporters are more likely to vote for Trump after seeing footage of the scene in Chicago. So, Seth has some advice for how Trump’s opponents can beat him without inadvertently supporting him—good old-fashioned passive aggressive mockery. Watch the clip to see some examples.


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