Bill Maher attacks Democrats for nit-picky infighting that will be “the death of liberals”

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On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher called on supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to work together for the common good. Many Clinton and Sanders supporters have been at each other’s throats, shouting each other down in the name of their own form of progress, while Maher says, “There are real enemies out there. Have you seen a Republican debate? The zombies are in the mall.”

Maher reports that some Sanders supporters have refused to vote for Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee. “They say they’re revolting against the plutocracy,” Maher says. “No, actually you’ll be helping elect a plutocrat who’s revolting,” meaning Donald Trump.

“This is gonna be the death of liberals: this nit-picky intramural attacking of friends for insufficient purity — compulsively cleaning up that corner of the room that’s already quite clean, while there are giant piles of sh*t everywhere else.”

Maher noted that Sanders fans attacked Sen. Elizabeth Warren for declining to endorse either candidate. “Really? Elizabeth Warren is the enemy now? She’s helped more Millennials than Adderall.” Meanwhile, Clinton supporters, including Bill, have accused Sanders supporters of online sexism. Of Bill’s comments, Maher says, they’re “pretty rich coming from a guy that’s been known to grab your t*ts in person.” Watch the clip to see what else Maher has to say about the “death of liberals.”


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