‘The Daily Show’ reveals the truth behind Donald Trump’s products: ‘It’s all bullsh*t’

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Donald Trump has turned his campaign into an infomercial, so The Daily Show looked into his products on Wednesday’s show to find that “it’s all bulls—t.” During his victory speech after Tuesday’s primaries, Donald Trump showed off a table full of Trump products: steaks, wine, Trump magazine, and even water. He did this in response to Mitt Romney, who criticized Trump for his failed businesses. But as Jordan Klepper and Trevor Noah reveal in this clip, most of those Trump-branded products don’t even exist.

Trump challenged naysayers to look into the Virginia winery he claims to own, “100 percent, no mortgage.” Well, Klepper took him up on that challenge, only to find, “Right there on the website of the thing he boasted he owned 100 percent of, it says that Trump Winery is ‘not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump.'” Trump Steaks only sold through Sharper Image for a few months in 2007, but “literally sold almost no steaks.” And Trump magazine? The copy Trump held up during his speech was just a pamphlet for his resorts in Florida. “I spent all night looking into this stuff,” Klepper says about the products, “and spoiler alert, it’s all bulls—t.”

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