Late Show Television

Stephen Colbert bids goodnight to the already asleep Ben Carson in the latest “Hungry for Power Games”

"Good night, sweet prince. That is, assuming you were ever awake in the first place."

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On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert once again paid tribute to a fallen candidate after Ben Carson announced last week that he would end his run for president. As usual, Stephen donned his signature Caesar Flickerman costume to assemble the tributes for the latest segment of the “Hungry for Power Games.” When the seven remaining candidates were on screen, he said, “So few of them remain. You can barely count them on one of Trump’s teeny little doll hands.” Yet, there is now one fewer, as “retired neurosurgeon and Ambian American” Ben Carson suspended his campaign after a poor showing in the primaries. Carson said he could not see no “path forward,” but Colbert reminds him, “Doctor, with your eyes closed, you can’t see anything forward.”

Stephen took a break from the mockery to bring a eunuch named Andro up from his under desk for some extra champagne, and a little comic action, but then he got back to it, pointing out that Carson, who joined the race by saying he wasn’t a politician and didn’t “want to be a politician,” had his “wish granted!” Carson showed some promise as a fighter after it was revealed he almost killed someone, but “sadly, voters just don’t trust someone who’s bad at murder.”

Finally, it was time to say goodbye to the tribute from District ZZZZZZZZZ. And Colbert ended his salutation with a touching sendoff. “Good night, sweet prince. That is, assuming you were ever awake in the first place.”

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